You’re pregnant and for 9 months you’re carrying a little human being inside you. When you’re expecting, the pregnancy glow and the journey makes those 9 months very special. So to preserve the memories of this wonderful journey, you need to find yourself a professional photographer who will know just how to take all the right shots and present you in just the right light.


Fashion photography is a genre of photography which is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle.


Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage as well as coverage of the wedding and reception. It is a major branch of commercial photography, supporting many specialists.


Prewedding videos are a great way to showcase who you are, what you love, or how you met to all of your family and friends. … Prewedding videos normally take 2-4 hours to film. Normally we shoot at 1-3 locations within a short distance from each other. Each video is catered specifically to the couple.


When you are young, one of the most special days of the year is your birthday. Whether it’s a home party or a special day out, being creative and flexible is the best way to catch memorable birthday images.

Why Candid Wedding Photography is Trending?

If there is one occasion that is overflowing with emotions, it has to be a wedding. Everybody present at the wedding is thoroughly enjoying the moment and that’s the perfect place to capture some fabulous candid photographs. What makes candid pictures amazing is the fact that the one being clicked is completely unaware of being photographed. No pretence, no poses, no awkwardness, no shyness, no fake smiles! The result is an all natural and beautiful photographs turning some of the most natural moments of a wedding into great memories. Today candid photography is one of the hottest trends in wedding photography because it captures everyone in a comfortable and relaxing environment during a wedding. They don’t have to worry about acting “right”- smile well, pose gracefully or look photogenic enough. The absence of any such pressure automatically creates some stunningly genuine moments and expressions that make marvelous photographs.

What makes Cinematic Wedding Films unique?

Indian weddings are much more than beautiful decorations, lavish buffet menu and incessant entertainment. Besides being a union of two hearts that beat for each other, they comprise of rituals and traditions, culture, a lifetime commitment between the families, heart wrenching emotions and most importantly, a beautiful story of it all. Be it an elaborate festive wedding, big fat Indian wedding or a simple yet elegant wedding ceremony, every story is special, PERFECT and needs to be captured perfectly! That’s when cinematic wedding films do their magic and capture the entire occasion in a unique and empowering manner.

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